Hi, I am Frankpeti.

I have loved taking photos since I was a child. At the age of 12 I stood in the dark bathroom and delivered pictures I had shot on my own. I have always loved nice, clear shapes and the colours and textures you can find in nature. In the past few years I have grown an interest for black and white photography, and the special effects of light and shadow. Lately I have also been discovering street photography, the small stories that one can find behind the shots. In addition, as a new genre, I have started to practice portraits.

I am a Hungarian born (1969) person living in Israel with my wife, Magi, and our three boys.
I work in a development department at Strauss Food Industry.
Apart from that, I enjoy life as an artist: I draw, I am making photography and do graphic design.
I manage a personal blog (hu) and one about Israeli kitchen (hu).
I am the founding editor of the news magazine Izraelinfo.com
I am an enthusiastic desert hiker. Life is an adventure!

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